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I didn’t even bother to remove the watermark from this image because we both know this is a stock photo, and it took me about as much effort to find it as it took you to find an article telling you all of the things you will ever need to know to become a good software developer. I left it in as a reminder, to both of us really, of our collective laziness and inability to do anything of true significance or import.

You want to be a good developer, right? That’s why you’re on Medium, looking at articles tagged “software development.”

You’re being smart and making sure to only read the articles with headlines relevant to what you want, articles that say things like “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers” or “The Top Five Things You Need To Do To Become A Senior Engineer At The Top Five Software Companies Your Mom Will Be Proud Of You For Working At.”

Surely, you would never deign to waste your time reading “The Bottom Three Things You Need To Know To Master Software Engineering,” or “The Most Unimportant Tool You Need To Resolve Conflicts In The Workplace, As A Lead React Native Engineer.” …


Ted Bendixson

Game designer and programmer at Mooselutions LLC.

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